Welcome to “Beaverfoot Lodge” Museum-Resort, a serene and adventurous sanctuary nestled in the breathtaking Yoho National Park. This historic landmark combines rustic luxury with untouched wilderness, offering an escape to where tranquility and adventure converge. Ideal for dream weddings, corporate retreats, and special celebrations, Beaverfoot Lodge promises to transform your events into unforgettable experiences. Explore the beauty of nature and discover the extraordinary with us.


Discover Beaverfoot Lodge: A Jewel of Yoho National Park

Nestled in Yoho National Park’s majestic landscapes, Beaverfoot Lodge is where nature’s beauty meets Canadian history and cultural heritage. This storied lodge, with a century of history within its walls, has been a beacon of Canada’s rich cultural narrative.

After years of silence, we’ve reignited its legacy, opening our doors to share its splendor. Beaverfoot Lodge is more than an accommodation; it’s an invitation to traverse through the essence of nature and history.

Our team is devoted to maintaining the lodge’s authentic spirit while providing modern comforts and personalized service, ensuring every stay is memorable. Join us at Beaverfoot Lodge, where the past and present merge in an extraordinary retreat.


Experience the Magic of Beaverfoot Lodge:

Nestled in Yoho National Park, Beaverfoot Lodge offers an idyllic backdrop for weddings and corporate retreats, blending productivity with the tranquility of nature. Celebrate life’s milestones or dive into outdoor adventures, making each moment unforgettable. Choose from our service options:

  • Venue Rental: Perfect for those who wish to personally craft their event in our stunning setting.
  • Full Management Package: Offers a hassle-free event experience, covering all details.
  • Partial Assistance: Provides targeted support for specific event needs.

Beaverfoot Lodge is committed to crafting bespoke, memorable experiences. Reach out to discover the ideal services for your event or getaway.


Beaverfoot Lodge offers tailored service options to match every unique event and stay:

  • Territory and Hotel Rental: Ideal for those who wish to personally oversee their event, providing the freedom to use our stunning venue as your own.
  • Full Turnkey Event Management Package: For a stress-free experience, covering all event aspects from planning to execution with our expert team.
  • Partial Assistance: A flexible option for those needing specific support, blending autonomy with professional assistance.

Contact us to find the perfect fit for your needs, and let’s make your experience at Beaverfoot Lodge unforgettable.